Introducing Parapocalypse - The Ultimate Survival Paracord

Parapocalypse paracord is paracord on steroids. It has all that is good about regular 550 paracord plus additonal strands that give it extra capacities:

  • One extra strand is a fishing line
  • One is Kevlar (Aramid) - heat and fire resistant to 900 degrees F
  • One is ultra-strong DYNA X
  • One strand of waxed jute, to make fires

Together, with the regular 7 nylon strands and the polyester sheath, Parapocalypse has a breaking strength of 650 lbs - 100 lbs better than regular 550 paracord.

What can you do with it? Well, if you wear it as a bracelet or belt, you will always have emergency gear that could save your life, or the lives of friends or loved ones. Here are ideas.

  • The fishing line strand could help provide an emergency meal.
  • The heat resistant Kevlar (Aramid) strand could hang a pot over a fire, tie up a loose muffler or be used as a friction saw.
  • The DYNA X strand is great for animal snares, dental floss, sutures and for uses that require high strength and low stretch.
  • Jute is easy to ignite and excellent tinder to start files.

That is in addition to the normal uses for paracord, which include tourniquets, backpack repairs, securing loads, and making all kinds of harnesses, leashes, hammocks and other gear.

Here are specs for the new Parapocalypse cord.

Diameter - 5/32" (4mm)
Tensile Strength - 625 lb. (283 kg)
Weight (oz/100ft) - 8oz (227g)
2 Ply cabled 7-Strand Nylon Paracord Core
Fire Aid Waxed Jute Strand
Ultra Strong Dyna-X Strand
10 LB Monofilament fishing line
Kevlar (Aramid) Nano Strand. 110 Lb Tensile Strength and heat resistant to 900 degrees Fahrenheit.
Outer Sheath - 32 Strand Woven Polyester
Color will not run or bleed
UV, Rot, Mold and Mildew Resistant
Not a Life Line
Made in the USA

Parapocalypse paracord is manufactured by Atwood Industries

Accessories For Paracord Projects

One of the fun things about a paracord addiction is the large number of incredibly diverse things you can make from it. Members of our paracord community make everything from friendship bracelets to horse halters to hammocks. I know a nice lady who makes whips from paracord.

As paracord has matured, a large number of accessory products have come onto the market, and we carry all of the best. Here are just a few examples of accessory products handy for various paracord projects.

And of course, buckles, skulls, beads and charms in all shapes and sizes.

The list could go on and on. We have something for everyone.

Paracord Projects - Tutorials

Over the past few months we have developed excellent tutorials for various paracord projects. We have paracord bracelet instructions for many popular patterns - includling many printable paracord bracelet instructions pdfs.

We've also been making video tutorials for our paracord projects.

Below are some of our recent videos


550 Cord (Parachute Cord) Used For Emergency Boat Trailer Repair

I keep 550 cord (paracord) in my emergency gear bag and it came in handy the other day, when I launched my bass boat and then discovered one of my trailer's bunk boards had lost a screw and slid out of place.

The bunk boards hold the boat so it doesn't sit directly on the metal trailer frame. While the weight of the boat was on the board it stayed in alignment. But when the weight was removed, the board floated up a little and slide off to the side.

My boat was launched but my trailer was disabled. There was no way I could load the boat back onto the trailer with the bunk board in that condition – floating and moving freely. I did not have a replacement screw, and I wasn't sure a new screw would hold in the old wood, even if I had one.

What to do? If you are me you go fishing and worry about the trailer later. No use wasting prime fishing time when the boat is already in the water. And the fishing was good – I enjoyed the outing.

When I returned to the marina, as the light of day faded, I docked the boat and turned my attention to the trailer. A hole in the trailer frame normally accommodates a screw, which normally twists into the wood of the bunk board and holds it tightly in place. When the screw became loose it allowed movement and gouged the wood, as the trailer bounced during transit. That ate wood from the bunk board, enlarging the hole until there was no resistance and the screw fell out. Even if I had a replacement screw, it would not have been able to bit and hold in the key spot on the bunk board.

It was easy to use 550 cord to make a temporary repair. I just threaded cord through the hole on the trailer frame, lashed it around the bunk board a few times, then pushed it back through the hole and tied it snugly.

That held the bunk board tightly in perfect position, allowing me to load the boat and drive home. No crisis and little inconvenience, allowing me to get home and make a permanent repair at my convenience.

550 cord is made from nylon and it is tough. It resists damage from abrasion, won't rot or shrink when wet and won't deteriorate in sunlight. It is perfect for many emergency saves.

It sure saved me that day. It would have been tragic to drive all of the way to the lake, push the boat into the water and then not be able to fish because of a trailer problem.

– Dave Webb

Food For Camping And Backpacking

We've been impressed by the taste and convenience of the Mountain House freeze-dried pouch meals - so much so we decided to sell them on our website,

We're located in Southwest Utah, where winter ends early and spring brings all kinds of opportunity to hike, camp, Jeep, boat and explore. Our staff people are always venturing outdoors and the actually use products we sell. It is always good to get their feedback.

For camping/backpacking food, you can't beat the Mountain House pouches. Just heat water (we use a small backpacking stove), pour it into a pouch, zip the pouch closed and then wait a few minutes. Easy peasy. The food can be eaten right out of the pouch, minimizing the amount of gear you need to carry.

Many of the pouch meals are rated at 2-3 servings - depending on the appetite of the consumer.

Some of our favorites include:

These products really are good. Even the scrambled eggs. Just add hot water and within minutes you have a nice meal, anywhere.

I'm stocking up for my trips.

- Dave Webb

Where To Buy Paracord

At, we appreciate our customers and try hard to earn their loyalty. We believe we have the best products, best selection and best prices. We always have a loyalty coupon available to allow our customers to save a bit on our already low prices.

We want be the answer to the question: Where to buy paracord?

Lately we've been creating packs of our most popular paracord products, to make it easy for people to buy them and save even more money. We are also always looking for new cord colors and new paracord accessories.

If you come across new colors or paracord-related products you would like to see us carry, please contact us. We'll pass the info onto our buyers and see if we can get the products at a reasonable cost.

Parachute Cord as a Friction Saw

I keep a roll of parachute cord (550 paracord) in my everyday carry kit and I always make sure I have a roll in my automobile. It comes in handy in all kinds of everyday and emergency situations.

One application I never considered was using it to cut plastic and other materials.

The video below shows using paracord to cut nylon webbing, by exerting pressure as you move the paracord rapidly back and forth against the nylon webbing. The movement creates friction, which creates heat, and which cuts through the webbing in sort order.

I've also seen parachute cord used in a similar manner to cut through zip ties, including ties used by police to restrain people in lieu of handcuffs. I've heard that it can be used to cut some soft metels but I have not confirmed that.

I get my paracord from, because they have the best selection, price and service.

- Dave Webb