DIY Sports Necklace

Technique for Making a Two Color Sports Necklace

Two color twisted, rope style sports necklaces are very popular with sports fans of all ages.  From kids to pros, from the tailgating lot to on the field, fans and athletes are wearing sports necklaces in their team colors. The great news is sports necklaces are super easy to make.

Most sports necklaces are made with two solid color strands of 550 paracord or other small diameter cord. Here's a quick video demonstrating a simple technique for braiding the two colors of paracord so they won't unwind or untwist.  This technique also works very well for necklaces and paracord bracelets with 3 or more strands of paracord. And of course we hope you'll choose for all your paracord needs. Don't miss the clasps/buckles for making sports necklaces show below.

The clasps used for sports necklaces are small and designed to pop apart if there's a solid tug on the necklace.  Here are three of the most popular styles (click on the description for more information and color options at

Clasps and buckles for sports necklaces are inexpensive.  At you can get a 10 pack for between $2 - $3.  These buckles and clasps are perfect for narrow or round weave paracord bracelets. They're also the clasps and buckles to use if you get into lanyard making.

This blog includes posts suggesting paracord colors for all 32 NFL teams and many college teams.  So find your team, grab some paracord in their colors and have fun making sports necklaces for fun and profit!

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