Boonie hats are the best. A very versatile hat that goes by several names. They are available in many colors. Full article link

Shemagh scarf. A very versatile oversized bandana. We have two articles on the Shemagh. A brief history and uses. Article links and

Fish n fire cord. Made by E. L. Wood Braiding Company Inc. Available in several colors. Full article link
Key and split rings have obvious and not so obvious uses. Full article link

Paracord buckle whistles improves safety at home or in the woods. The whistle is not just annoying. Full article link
Safety buckles and paracord. Safety first. Pop barrel and break a way buckles.

Full article link
Paracord. A brief history, uses and names. Full article link

Nylon paracord is the up and coming product to use in whip making. Many whip makers have turned to paracord. They use the outer sheath of the paracord or buy 650 coreless paracord. Full article link

We have a four seat side by side OHV. I made grab (Oh Shit) handles for it. Full article link
Bungee latch for my boat ladder. Works great out on the lake and is much easier to take on and off than the rubber one. You do need the rubber one for traveling down the road. Full article link

Today the name paracord has come to mean true mil spec paracord, type III commercial paracord, different types, sizes and qualities of cord. We have written a couple of articles on this subject. These articales are found under site map on the home page of Here are the direct links. Obviously you want cord like shown in the bottom picture. and and

Paracord hammock. Roxy, my wife Rachelle and daughter

Whitnie. Whitnie and I made a paracord hammock. She took it home to her house.