Where To Buy Paracord

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Parachute Cord as a Friction Saw

I keep a roll of parachute cord (550 paracord) in my everyday carry kit and I always make sure I have a roll in my automobile. It comes in handy in all kinds of everyday and emergency situations.

One application I never considered was using it to cut plastic and other materials.

The video below shows using paracord to cut nylon webbing, by exerting pressure as you move the paracord rapidly back and forth against the nylon webbing. The movement creates friction, which creates heat, and which cuts through the webbing in sort order.

I've also seen parachute cord used in a similar manner to cut through zip ties, including ties used by police to restrain people in lieu of handcuffs. I've heard that it can be used to cut some soft metels but I have not confirmed that.

I get my paracord from ParacordGalaxy.com, because they have the best selection, price and service.

- Dave Webb

Mule Tape Is Excellent In Emergency Kits

Mule tape is incredibly strong, soft, flexible and can be used in all kinds of emergency situations.

For example, I have a roll of 2500 lb mule tape in the emergency kit I keep in my car. I've used it to pull other vehicles out of the snow and to tie down heavy loads.

I've also seen it used to repair backpacks and duffel bags and even rig make-shift harnesses when climbing and rappelling. It is very versatile.

ParacordGalaxy.com offers a wide selection of mule tape, in varies sizes and strengths, to meet almost any need. I like the 2500 lb strength tape because it is very strong for its size and yet it is small and can be easily coiled and stored.

1250 lb and 1800 lb strengths are also popular on our website.

Mule tape is much like webbing, wide and flat and flexible. Our mule tape is made from polyester and is white, with the strength rating printed on the tape itself.

Outdoor Edge Para Claw

The Outdoor Edge Para Claw buckle is winning excellent reviews from our customers and from the outdoor community as a whole.

The buckle features a high-quality, extremely sharp knife blade, with the hard plastic of the buckle searching as a sheath to keep the blade safe when not in use.

The buckle is commonly incorporated into bracelets, so it is available instantly whenever needed. It is also popular for use in lanyards and key fobs.

The knife blade can be deployed instantly with one hand, after you get use to the set up.

Lately fishermen have discovered the knife buckle and use it to trim line ends. It's just very convenient having a sharp knife available anywhere, anytime, as needed.

The buckle is now the most popular item in our Amazon store, and is rapidly becoming one of the most popular items on our website.