Mule Tape Is Excellent In Emergency Kits

Mule tape is incredibly strong, soft, flexible and can be used in all kinds of emergency situations.

For example, I have a roll of 2500 lb mule tape in the emergency kit I keep in my car. I've used it to pull other vehicles out of the snow and to tie down heavy loads.

I've also seen it used to repair backpacks and duffel bags and even rig make-shift harnesses when climbing and rappelling. It is very versatile. offers a wide selection of mule tape, in varies sizes and strengths, to meet almost any need. I like the 2500 lb strength tape because it is very strong for its size and yet it is small and can be easily coiled and stored.

1250 lb and 1800 lb strengths are also popular on our website.

Mule tape is much like webbing, wide and flat and flexible. Our mule tape is made from polyester and is white, with the strength rating printed on the tape itself.

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