Parachute Cord as a Friction Saw

I keep a roll of parachute cord (550 paracord) in my everyday carry kit and I always make sure I have a roll in my automobile. It comes in handy in all kinds of everyday and emergency situations.

One application I never considered was using it to cut plastic and other materials.

The video below shows using paracord to cut nylon webbing, by exerting pressure as you move the paracord rapidly back and forth against the nylon webbing. The movement creates friction, which creates heat, and which cuts through the webbing in sort order.

I've also seen parachute cord used in a similar manner to cut through zip ties, including ties used by police to restrain people in lieu of handcuffs. I've heard that it can be used to cut some soft metels but I have not confirmed that.

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- Dave Webb

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