Dyna X paracord. This cord is 550 paracord sized. It has no stretch, amazing abrasion resistance, resists cutting and is almost 2 1/2 times as strong as 550 paracord. Learn more about DYNA X paracord some of the things we have done with it at these links.  https://paracordgalaxy.com/content/32-dyna-x-paracord , https://paracordgalaxy.com/content/47-dnya-x-water-toy-test , https://paracordgalaxy.com/content/51-dyna-x-bouy-ropes , https://paracordgalaxy.com/content/53-dyna-x-paracord-monkey-fist , and https://paracordgalaxy.com/content/55-clothes-hanger-and-entertainment-center

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