Food For Camping And Backpacking

We've been impressed by the taste and convenience of the Mountain House freeze-dried pouch meals - so much so we decided to sell them on our website,

We're located in Southwest Utah, where winter ends early and spring brings all kinds of opportunity to hike, camp, Jeep, boat and explore. Our staff people are always venturing outdoors and the actually use products we sell. It is always good to get their feedback.

For camping/backpacking food, you can't beat the Mountain House pouches. Just heat water (we use a small backpacking stove), pour it into a pouch, zip the pouch closed and then wait a few minutes. Easy peasy. The food can be eaten right out of the pouch, minimizing the amount of gear you need to carry.

Many of the pouch meals are rated at 2-3 servings - depending on the appetite of the consumer.

Some of our favorites include:

These products really are good. Even the scrambled eggs. Just add hot water and within minutes you have a nice meal, anywhere.

I'm stocking up for my trips.

- Dave Webb

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