Paracord Holiday Creations Contest Winners

We received 177 entries and 2200 votes were cast! 1st, 2nd and 3rd place were awarded based on the number of votes cast. In addition, we awarded three prizes based on random drawing. See all of the entries.

Here are the projects that received the most votes:

Custom dog lead as a gift for a friend! - 289 votes.

Glow in the dark, LED paracord bracelets. - 202 votes

3 bullwhips, 2 snake whips, 1 dog leash - 177 votes

A rainbow paracord breastcollar, a special order custom made for a little girl and her pony! 110 votes

Custom cow halter for a special pet steer - 64 votes

Skull Cowboy Necklace / Hatband and Bracelet set.. 63 votes

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