Titanium Gold 550 Paracord Bracelet. I used a six strand inner core of 550 paracord color airforce. The other two 550 cord colors are titanium and gold. The gold band on the front of the bracelet hides the middle of the titanium V and makes it look two cords combine into one as they go thru the middle of the bracelet. The bracelet measures 1 1/8" wide and 1/2" thick. The back has it's own unique look with the alternating gold slant going over and under the titanium cord where it come thru the airforce cords along the side. The back of this bracelet could be used for the front as well.

$4.99--550 paracord/100 ft in 1,000+ colors/patters, 90%+ USA made at https://paracordgalaxy.com/ or 550 paracord page https://paracordgalaxy.com/19-550-paracord-550-cord

Paracordgalaxy.com also offers a variety of free printable tutorials on its tutorials page at https://paracordgalaxy.com/content/20-how-to-make-a-paracord-bracelet

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