Two weeks worth of 550 Paracord Bracelet Patterns. I come up with a pattern I want to do on a homemade practice jig first. Then I choose the colors I want to use and do them for real on another homemade jig.

Practice paracord jig and projects. I'm an old farm boy and this is the homemade jig I use for the trial run on a new pattern. All of the cords on the jig are 550 paracord. It has six cords I can use for the center core of the bracelet. I can pick how many I want to use. It has a total of eight other cords for making the bracelet. Of the eight cords there are six colors: four singles and two sets of two that are the same color. I can play around, mix and match until I find something I like. If I want to add a smaller cord for a highlight I add it in as needed. When I have a pattern that works I choose the colors I want and make it on another jig. Most of the time I have to disassemble the practice one to see how to make the new one. Between bad memory, all the twists and turns, and the first time doing it I usually can't remember how I got to what I liked. As I do the new one on the other jig I take pictures as I go.

The bottom of the jig is made from a piece of 3/4" counter top. I used 2x4 blocks for the large uprights on the ends. The height of the blocks make it really easy to get a fid needle under the bracelet. The small block attached to the 2x4 is for slipping the number core cords I'm going to use between it and the 2x4. I pull them tight and tighten the screws. I have a small hand held electric drill just for that purpose. I use the torx head screws and driver on those two screws which makes it really easy.

This final picture of the bracelets are what I came up with in a two week time period. They have been made on the practice jig as I watch TV in at night. If I have used a particular pattern of someone else's or modified it I give them credit for it. I usually name the bracelets just to keep track of them when posting. I don't claim any of the weaves as original because I don't know if they are. I'm sure some of them are original. However, almost all of them are original to me as I set there and play with cord till I find something I like. If I ever seem to copy someone it is by accident. I've been told a time or two I've used a name of someone else's bracelet and I just simply go change the name of mine.

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