Mule Tape (Pull Tape) For Sale On

We have a good supply of polyester pulling tapes (mule tape) for sale at discount prices.

Mule tape is similar to webbing. It is small, light and incredibly strong. It is easy to braid, weave and knot. Traditionally is us used in industry and construction but many people are now finding it very useful for outdoor recreation and crafts.

 We have good inventory of mule tape with strengths rated at 200 pounds, 1130 pounds, 1250 pounds, 1800 pounds and 2500 pounds.

This is high quality product that meets all specifications. In addition, we have some seconds that are sold at much lower prices. The seconds meet all strength ratings but are discounted because they do not have the strength stamped onto the tape.

We offer these products in 10, 25, 50 and 100 foot lengths.

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