Para-Claw Buckle For Paracord Survival Bracelet

Have you seen the new Para-Claw buckle, which includes a 1.5” hawkbill knife blade made of high-quality stainless steel?

It is pretty amazing. A sharp knife available instantly, anywhere, anytime. It could literally save your life in an emergency situation.

On, these are becoming a hot selling item. Here is their description:

The Para-Claw Knife Buckle features a 1.5” hawkbill stainless steel blade with a gunmetal black finish.  Handle grooves ensure a positive grip at all times. The buckle is actually a glass/nylon sheath system that locks the knife securely - and ready for immediate deployment in any situation. A steel T-post is incorporated into one end of the sheath. Tie your paracord bracelet by attaching one end to the ParaClaw knife and finishing the other end with a simple loop to attach to the steel T-post.

It is easy to use this innovative buckle with many different bracelet weaves. I'm definitely going to incorporate them into some of my products.

Paraclaw article link 

- Dave Webb

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