Breakaway Clasps For Paracord

Some buckles are very strong. A few years ago my son snagged his hydration pack while jumping out of a ski lift chair. The pack used a buckle that held his weight. He jumped when the chair was near the bottom and, as the lift kept going, he was carried into the air, hanging from a nylon strap and plastic buckle.

Is it good or bad to have a buckle that strong? If the buckle had popped early on, he wouldn't have needed to be rescued. Had it popped after he was pulled into the air, he would have had a nasty fall.

I suppose the answer varies from project to project. If you are weaving a collar for a big dog, you want a strong buckle that will hold against the dog's strength.

Sometimes you want something strong enough to hold during "normal" conditions, but that will pop if you put much force or weight against it. Breakaway clasps and buckles are ideal in those situations.

Paracord Galaxy is located in the desert Southwest and many people here enjoy canyoneering. We often use paracord straps and weaves to secure gear. If you are rappelling down a cliff, you sometimes need to reach behind your back, grab a tool and pull it free. You want to know the gear will be there and you want it to pop free with one jerk from one hand.

We sell all kinds of buckles and connectors, suitable for almost any kind of application:

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