Gives Back Contest has an interesting contest going that is getting great response. It is intended to recognize and reward people who use paracord to create bracelets or other items that are then donated or sold to support good causes.

Many entrants make awareness bracelets to support friends/family members with autism, breast cancer or other conditions. Others are making survival bracelets and donating them to veterans, policy officers and first responders. Still others sell paracord crafts and donate funds to their favorite cause.

There is still plenty of time to get involved. Enter the contest by submitting a photo of your paracord creation.

You are also encouraged to view all entries and vote for your favorite.

$100 gift card prizes will be awarded to for three entries. 1) The entry with the most popular votes. 2) The entry the Paracord Galaxy staff things best shows a charitable spirit. 3) Random drawing from all entries.

It is just fun looking at the entries and reading the captions, which describe why the item was made and how it is uses to support a cause.

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