Spida Bracelet. This paracord bracelet used 275 and 550 paracord. It measures 1 3/8" wide and 3/8" thick and is very flexible. The colors used were electric blue and imperial red in 550 cord and black. By using the 275 cord the bracelet is thinner that a regular 550 cord bracelet would be. It's often nice to incorporate smaller cords like 275 cord into what you are doing.

$4.99--550 paracord/100 ft, 1,000+ colors/patters, 90%+ USA made at https://paracordgalaxy.com/ or 550 paracord page https://paracordgalaxy.com/19-550-paracord-550-cord

Paracordgalaxy.com also offers a variety of free printable tutorials on its tutorials page at https://paracordgalaxy.com/content/20-how-to-make-a-paracord-bracelet

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