Ember 275 and 550 Paracord Bracelet. 275 cord colors are fire ball and imperial red. 550 cord colors are urban camo and golden yellow. Golden yellow was used for the six strand core. I new it would be easy to picture against the other colors used and if it shows through when the bracelt bends or twists it would still look good. The small amount of imperial red helped the combination of two different patters to work with each other. I ended up liking the end result of the bracelet. Along with pictures of how to make this I showed it without adding any 275 cord, with just the 275 fireball, and the first three finished pictures with 275 imperial red.

$4.99--550 paracord/100 ft in 1,000+ colors/patters, 90%+ USA made at https://paracordgalaxy.com/ or 550 paracord page https://paracordgalaxy.com/19-550-paracord-550-cord

Paracordgalaxy.com also offers a variety of free printable tutorials on its tutorials page at https://paracordgalaxy.com/content/20-how-to-make-a-paracord-bracelet

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