Belts can also be made from braiding as well as knotting. Braided belts tend to be slimmer than their knotted friends.

The pink and yellow belt is a ten-braid weave with added hex nuts for weight. The extra weight is so the belt can be used more effectively as a self-defense tool. This braid uses a weave pattern always starting with the outside single cord. Staring at the Left O2 U2, Right O2 U2 O1, Next sequence is Left O2 U2, Right O2 U3. Repeat this over and over till desired length.

The other two belts use an eleven-strand braid. Again, using the single outside cord. Left U2 O3, Right U2 O3. This sequence is repeated on every row.

Finishing the belts nose is the hardest part. You back weave the nose into its self. This is going to make the nose of the belt a little wider and thicker. All of the strands do not have to go over the top of the nose. Just make sure that the ones that do are interlocked well. I am going to continue to find ways to make the noses better.

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