The Monkey Fist is a great everyday carry (EDC) item. It is usually attached to a keychain and made from 550 paracord.  It is fun to make and a little bit challanging as you tighten the cord to get a nice uniform ball. It usually takes about three times around to get it correct. Do not overtighten when you first start around. Be patient. They can be made with more strands than shown depending on what or how big the item is you want to cover. We have an article on Monkey Fists on the paracordgalaxy site map called DYNA X Paracord Monkey Fist. This article aslo introduces a reason to make the Monkey Fist from DYNA X cord instead of regular paracord. The Monkey Fist tutorial can be found on the tutorials page of or at this link . You should check local laws before carrying a Monkey Fist.

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