A few weeks ago, my six-year-old, broke her leg on the playground at school. When we were discharged from the hospital the doctors wanted us to keep her leg elevated so the next day, I was looking for better ways to keep her leg elevated in the car. I was walking through my ten-year-old son’s room and of course paracord is everywhere. He loves making bracelets and he even sells them at a local craft fair! We connected three of the bracelets and some loose cord to construct a makeshift sling for her leg. It’s worked out fantastically! Now she can climb in the car and buckle up her paracord leg sling herself. Before we leave on a car trip I always ask, “Whoooo’s buckled?” and the three kids always reply, “Meeee!” But now, with the broken leg, Regan also makes me ask, “Whoooo’s leg is buckled?” and she’s the only one who gets to scream, “Meeee!” She’s delighted. Paracord to the rescue!

This photo was submitted to Paracordgalaxy.com in a contest on uses and fixes with paracord by Len H.

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