Shoelace Aglets.  Use Aglets (shoelace tips).  A pretty good tip can be made on the end of paracord that will be used for a shoe lace so it will go through the eyelet with ease.

 Instructions for tip making. Heat an end of one of the paracords to the molten stage where the sheath and the inner strands are melted together (sheath only if using coreless or gutted cord). Lick your thumb and forefinger before you mold the molten end to a nice tip. If you do this to soon your fingers will hurt and may require you to lick them again. In extreme circumstances some of the hurt on your finger could end up on your tounge and cause it to hurt also. When this happens instantaneous sputtering usually occurs and the offended finger is now trying to help get the hurt off your tounge. Now don't think I'm insensitive because I have not mentioned the other gyrations, motions and utterances that also may occur, but crap happens. I kinda, just maybe, mighta outta have started out saying a little patience is good before playing with molten paracord material. However, if you are to slow (patient) and it has cooled to much it won't mold well. In this case heat the end to the molten stage and start over exersicing a little less patience. Hope this was helpful. Always trying you know. (Shoes show have tips from paracord before we got the aglets). Aglets available in silver and gun metal. Aglets link…

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