uses and fixes contest entry by Kelcy F.  Her business goes by KnotsByK.

"This hobby started for me when I was tired of trying to find the right tack to fit my horses. So I decided to make my own! I started with small things. & now I'm making anything from bracelets to horse halters, dog collars, hunting accessories & so much more! I've came to find out over the year's that there's no limits with cording! I can learn or create new braids every day if I wanted to! & that's what I love about cording, because the list of things you can create is endless! Not only that, but I've also created a small business thanks to my cording hobby,KnotsByK! & It has grown way bigger then I ever imagined! The ultimate satisfaction for me is when a customer tells me how happy they are with their product that I made, and how great my work is!" has over 1,000 US made colors / patterns of 550 paracord also offers over 150 free printable tutorials on its tutorials page at

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